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Drug & Health Screening With Background Information Group

Background Information Group is proud to offer a variety of drug and health screening services to fit the needs of your organization. Drug and health screening is an important part of the hiring process for many industries including those in medical or transportation fields. However, the need for this important testing does not stop once the hiring process is complete. 


Many employers choose to implement random drug screening or annual health screenings to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees. By conducting these important tests, you minimize the potential for work-place incidents while fostering a drug-free workplace environment.

Drug Screening

Depending on the industry in which you work and the state in which you live, you will find that various rules and regulations must be followed when conducting drug screening. While pre-employment drug screening is legal in almost every state, randomized testing during employment is accompanied by many restrictions.


At Background Information Group, we provide you with a variety of drug screening options that comply with all city, state, and national regulations.

Health Screening

For many industries, specifically for those in the medical field and transportation industries, conducting a health screening is a necessary part of the pre-employment process. This is the best way to ensure your employees’ health and wellbeing as well as their ability to safely complete the tasks required for the position.


A health screening may include things such as a vision test, physical ability tests, pulmonary function tests, chest x-rays, vaccines, or other tests specific to the job requirements. By conducting health screenings, you can identify potential safety hazards, reducing the possibility of workplace emergencies or accidents.

Types of Drug & Health Screening

Although many employers consider drug and health screenings at the beginning of an individual’s employment, there are other times when these tests may be beneficial. Listed below are a few of the drug and health screening services that we facilitate.

The purpose of a pre-employment drug screening is to identify whether the individual uses any illicit or prescription medications not prescribed by a physician. Conducting drug screening before employment is the best way to protect yourself from the negative impact an individual who uses drugs may have on your workplace.


While this is a necessary step in the hiring process for some fields, we believe that it is beneficial for any employer as they seek to hire the most qualified candidates. In most cases, a pre-employment drug screening takes place after a conditional job offer is made.

Much like a pre-employment drug screening, a pre-employment health screening can only take place one a conditional job offer has been made to the candidate. This is done to avoid discrimination due to a disability.


While not as common as drug screenings, health screenings are required for most professionals who are working in medical capacities, transportation fields, or positions that require intense physical labor.


A pre-employment health screening is used to identify any possible health risks that would elevate the possibility of an injury or accident in the workplace.

Although not legal in every state, many companies conduct random drug testing in order to maintain a drug-free workplace environment. If you decide to implement random drug testing into your company, it is crucial that you closely follow rules and regulations put in place by your local or state government. 


At Background Information Group, we can help you implement and manage a random drug testing process that deters drug and alcohol use. Random drug screening will help to protect your employees, encourage health and wellness, and reduce your liability as an employer.

Most states allow employers to conduct drug screening on an employee with reasonable cause for suspicion. This type of screening can be performed when the employee has exhibited signs of drug use including physical signs, behavioral signs, or psychological signs. 


In addition to eliminating potential workplace accidents due to drug use, testing an employee who is displaying signs of drug use could help to save their life!


Accurate & Efficient Drug Screening Process

At Background Information Group, we work hard to ensure that each of the services we offer are accurate and efficient. Our drug and health screening process is certainly no exception. We partner with companies of all sizes to provide easy access to drug and health screening solutions that are customized to the needs of their industry.


By doing so, we help you to eliminate workplace accidents, decrease financial loss due to poor hiring decisions, and ensure that you are hiring only the highest quality candidates. Implementing proper screening procedures both during the hiring process and throughout the year allows you to encourage health and wellness within your workplace. In doing so, you create an atmosphere in which individuals can thrive. 


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