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Employment Verification With Background Information Group

At Background Information Group, we know how important it is to find employees who are qualified for employment with your company. One of the best ways to understand an employee’s skills and achievements is to research their employment history. 


While this information should be included in their resume or application, it is not always accurate or honest. Unfortunately, a large number of people misrepresent their previous positions, salaries, or accomplishments in order to get a leg up in the interview process.


Although you could spend hours contacting previous employers to verify the information that was shared with you, this can quickly turn into a tiresome and tedious process. That is where we come in! Our team is proud to offer employment verification services that will provide you with information you need to know before you add a new member to your team.

Benefits of Using Employment Verification

Like many of our other services, employment verification provides you with peace of mind as you hire new employees to join your business. There are several benefits to implementing employment verification.

As an employer, you must learn as much as you can about a candidate’s employment history before offering them a position on your team. Understanding their previous positions, titles, and responsibilities will allow you to make an informed decision regarding how they would benefit your organization moving forward.


With our employment verification process, we will provide you with information including job title, dates of employment, salary information, and reason for termination when possible. This is done using a secure, streamlined process that maintains the confidentiality of the individual while providing you with the information you need.

The best way to foster a positive and productive workplace environment is to hire honest people as a part of your team. While you can learn a lot about an individual through the interview and hiring process, it is always wise to verify the information they are sharing with you. If an interested candidate shares false information during the hiring process, there is a chance that this behavior will carry on through their employment.

By implementing employment verification as part of your hiring process, you can avoid costly hiring mistakes. Hiring an employee who is not as qualified as they said they were can result in financial loss, excessive training, or even a negligent hiring lawsuit.

A lengthy hiring process is inconvenient both for you and for interested candidates. Verifying the employment history of an individual is one of the tasks that can add several days to the process. At Background Information Group, we take this tedious process off of your plate, allowing you to focus on areas of the hiring process that only you can handle such as the interviews.


Once we have verified the employment history of the individual, we will provide you with a report that details our findings, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Verifying Current Employment

Many individuals begin to apply for new employment opportunities while they are still working for their current employer. Because of this, they often ask that their current employer is not contacted to verify their employment history. It is important to verify their current position, however, as this is often the most applicable to the position for which they are applying.


At Background Information Group, we can help you verify the current employment of an interested candidate while protecting their privacy.

Employment Verification Laws

While employment verification may seem like a straight forward process, there are various state laws regarding the information that can be disclosed. As an employer, you must understand your state laws surrounding employment verification in order to avoid costly legal repercussions. 


We partner with employers in a wide variety of industries to ensure that they are conducting employment verification in compliance with their state and federal laws. Our employment verification services not only save you time during the hiring process but can also save you from unnecessary penalties or lawsuits.

Comprehensive Employment Verification Services

The Background Information Group team is ready to partner with you as you seek out the perfect candidates for open positions within your organization. Through employment verification, we can provide you with information regarding an individual’s work history, salary information, and more. 


Equipped with this information, you will be able to hire employees who truly add value to your business. With our help, you can eliminate some of the most time-consuming aspects of the hiring process. Contact our team today to discuss how employment verification would benefit your business!

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