Healthcare Industry Background Checks

At Background Information Group, we specialize in serving a wide range of industries. However, one of our primary focuses has been helping healthcare professionals complete the background checks that are required for employment. As someone who is responsible for hiring individuals to work in healthcare, you know how critical it is to make sure that they are qualified and licensed to perform their job. In no other industry are the stakes as high as they are when hiring employees for healthcare positions.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Properly screening candidates for positions in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other medical centers are the best way to provide your patients with the high-quality care that they deserve. Depending on the state in which your healthcare business operates, various levels of background checks must be performed before your new employee can officially join your team.

Our Team is Dedicated to You!

Our team will help you establish a system that effectively and efficiently screens incoming employees, ensuring that you make the best hiring decisions. We are dedicated to providing quick, accurate background checks that eliminate much of the frustration that typically surrounds this process.


Depending on the position for which the healthcare employee is applying, there will be different types of background checks that must be performed. From basic background checks to criminal background checks, from drug and health screening to verifying their education credentials, we will make sure that your newest employee can safely work in their new role. 


The team at Background Information Group is passionate about helping you find the most qualified candidates to work in key roles within your healthcare organization. Our experience and expertise in this area will enable you to easily implement a new screening process that benefits both your employees and your patients. Contact our team for more information regarding our various healthcare background check services.

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