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When you are hiring an individual to join your organization, you must be confident that they are who they say they are. The best way to verify this is through a basic identity check. An identity check is the most basic form of a background check and can be used to complete a more comprehensive background check if your situation requires. 


At Background Information Group, we offer identity verification services for a wide range of industries including transportation, healthcare, small businesses, and more.

Why Are Identity Checks Important?

No matter the size or structure of your business, we believe that any new employee should complete an identity check. At Background Information Group, we provide employers with accurate, efficient solutions for conducting identity checks in a timely manner.


A basic identity check is done using the applicant’s social security number, passport, or government-issued ID. Using this information, we can confirm the full name, address, and birth date of the individual. An identity check would also include any previous address or known alias. This information can provide an employer with valuable information with which to conduct a comprehensive background check.

The most important reason to implement a basic identity check as part of your hiring process is to confirm that you are hiring eligible employees. An identity check is the best way to verify that an interested candidate is legally eligible for employment within the United States.

Any employee that you bring into your business can impact the organization positively or negatively. For this reason, you must be completely confident in your decision to offer them a position.


An identity check is a great way to increase your confidence in an applicant before they become a member of your team.

Performing an identity check in the preliminary portion of the hiring process will provide you with additional information that may prove useful during the background check. In order to hire the most qualified candidates, you must take the time to carefully review their criminal history, employment history, and qualifications. An identity check can aid in this process.

If an individual is relying on a false identity to gain employment at your business, there is a chance that they have bad intentions. Unfortunately, hiring an individual using a false identity can open your business up to fraud, financial loss, or security breaches. 


By implementing identity checks as part of your hiring process, you discourage ill-meaning individuals from applying and decrease the possibility of fraud.

As an employer, you know how important it is to go through the steps necessary to protect your business from a legal standpoint. By implementing identity checks as part of your hiring process, you establish a history of compliance with employment regulations. This simple process can go a long way in protecting your business from the possibility of a lawsuit.

Legal Obligation to Verify Identity

An identity check does more than simply ensuring that you are hiring honest, upstanding employees. It is also important to verify the identity of your employees to remain in compliance with legal requirements. When hiring an employee, the employer must verify the identity of the individual as well as their employment eligibility. 


In addition to an identity check, each employee must also complete a Form I-9 verifying their employment eligibility within the United States. Failing to abide by these regulations could result in fines or criminal penalties.


While you are required by law to complete the necessary identity checks and verification, it is also important that you observe the rules and regulations that prevent discrimination in this area. Our team of experts will help you navigate this process easily and efficiently.

Global Identity Checks

Depending on the nature of your business, you may work with individuals who live in areas other than the United States. Although these candidates do not have a social security number, it is still important to verify their true identity through an identity check. 


At Background Information Group, we provide clients with access to global identity checks using an applicant’s passport or government-issued ID from their country of residence.

Identity Check Solutions for Your Business

Background Information Group is proud to provide our clients with identity check solutions that suit the unique needs of their business. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the high-quality service and attention that you deserve. While we are small enough to provide this personalized care, we have extensive experience working with larger organizations to implement background and identity check processes. 


We work efficiently to provide you with accurate and comprehensive results. By doing so, we help you find the most qualified candidates who will add value to your organization. Interested in learning more about adding identity checks as a part of your hiring process? Call us today for more information!

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