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Background Information Group is proud to partner with individuals in the transportation industry, helping them get their new employees on the road as quickly as possible. As with any professional position, you must verify a candidate’s qualifications, licenses, and training before offering them a position on your team.


If an employee who is driving for business purposes causes an accident, your company will likely be held liable, causing an increase in insurance rates and even damaging your reputation as an organization. For this reason, it is important to hire only the top candidates for transportation positions.

What Information is Included in a Motor Vehicle Report?


Depending on the state for which the motor vehicle report is requested, it will provide you with a three- to seven-year comprehensive driving history. The information included in this comprehensive report often reflects things such as:

  • License Status
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Traffic Violations
  • Accidents
  • Suspensions
  • Restrictions
  • Drug & Alcohol Offenses

Because your company will be held liable should an accident occur while an employee is driving for business purposes, it is crucial that you thoroughly investigate any information that causes alarm.

Obtaining Motor Vehicle Reports

As an employer, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires you to obtain motor vehicle reports for your employees on a regular basis. When you hire an individual who will be working in transportation, you must review their motor vehicle record from every state in which they held a license during the three years prior.


A motor vehicle report takes place after a conditional offer of employment. This is only required for candidates who will be operating motor vehicles as part of their position with your company. You should also obtain motor vehicle reports for any employees who will be renting a vehicle while traveling for business purposes.


Once an individual becomes a member of your team, you are required by the FMCSA to obtain motor vehicle records at least once a year for every state in which the driver has a license. If you employ several drivers, this can become a time-consuming responsibility.


The experts at Background Information Group can help you manage your driver’s motor vehicle reports, ensuring that you comply with FMCSA rules and regulations. Using our streamlined reporting system, we can validate licenses, verify qualifications, and gather important information regarding accidents or traffic violations.

Benefits of Motor Vehicle Reports

At Background Information Group, we recommend that employers review the motor vehicle report of any candidate who will be driving for business purposes, whether required by the FMCSA or not. Here are a few of the ways we believe it provides value to your company

An unsafe driver can not only damage company property or injure other employees, but they can also disrupt the productivity of your organization! The best way to mitigate the risk that an unsafe driver poses to your company is to obtain motor vehicle reports at the onset of their employment.

When an employee is going to be representing your brand and organization, you want to make sure that they are doing so in a positive manner. Drivers with a bad motor vehicle report are likely to carry these bad habits into their transportation position with your company.


By hiring transportation professionals with pristine motor vehicle records, you ensure that your company is promoted in a positive light, even on the road.

One of the greatest expenses to companies who employ transportation professionals is the cost of insurance. As an employer, you are held liable for any accident or incident that occurs while your employee is driving for business purposes.


Any type of accident can cause your insurance costs to skyrocket or create costly litigation. Reduce this risk by hiring drivers that you can trust.

What Positions Require a Motor Vehicle Report?

It is important that an employer reviews a comprehensive motor vehicle report for any individual who will be operating a motor vehicle for business purposes. The most common position that requires this type of background check is that of a commercial driver.


However, other positions require a motor vehicle report including delivery drivers, chauffeurs, volunteers who operate company vehicles, employers who operate company vehicles, contractors or subcontractors who drive for business purposes.


Our team of experts at Background Information Group will partner with you in designing a Motor Vehicle Report system that provides you with the information you need to hire and manage the transportation professionals on your team.


Motor Vehicle Reports play a large role in the productivity, success, and safety of your company. Let our team help you identify the most qualified drivers as you seek to fill roles within your organization. Contact us today for more information regarding our Motor Vehicle Report services.

Comprehensive Background Check Services

At Background Information Group, we realize that not every business has the same needs or priorities. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive list of background check services. Our team of highly-trained professionals will work closely with you to design a background check process that provides you with the information you need to identify top candidates for your business.


As a team, we have extensive experience working with professionals from a variety of industries including healthcare, transportation, small business, non-profits, and more. No matter the needs of your organization, we can provide you with information that will allow you to hire new employees with confidence.


We are dedicated to providing you with accuracy, speed, and value. Background checks should not inhibit your ability to hire a new employee quickly. We work hard to provide you with accurate information, working quickly and efficiently to complete the process.


Our team believes that by providing thorough background checks, we can help you to add value to your business through top-notch employees. Call us today to implement a background check process that meets the unique needs of your business!

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